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Recently released evidence: FAST Programme and Tutoring

7 November 2018

This week, the evaluation of the RCT research on Families and Schools Together (FAST) undertaken by Save the Children and Middlesex University was published. The evaluation suggests that FAST added little or no value to the outcomes of Keystage One pupils.  Yet as a leader of a school participating in the research, the value in […]

Posted on: 7 November 2018
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Louise Davidson, Kyra ELE, summarises the key changes to the EEF TA Guidance

7 November 2018

The EEF revised the Making best use of teaching assistants guidance in September 2018. The key element of change, aside of the more user-friendly document format online, is the valuable addition of essential, downloadable resources that allow schools and individuals to readily implement best practice. The resources include a summary of recommendations and templates for those […]

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Reflections on being an Evidence Lead in Education (ELE)

4 October 2018

In this blog two of the Kyra RS ELEs, Louise Davidson and Julia Greenfield, share their reflections on being designated. […]

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CPD programme 2018-19 overview

7 September 2018

We are excited to announce details of the Kyra Research School CPD programme 2018-19. Booking is open. We have a wide range of CPD programmes available this year, including: Explicit teaching of vocabulary – 13 September – *last few places left* As part of the Mobilise project, we conducted a trial across 19 classes in […]

Posted on: 7 September 2018
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EEF Blog: Grouping pupils by attainment – what does the evidence say?

7 September 2018

Danielle Mason, Head of Research at the Education Endowment Foundation, unpacks the evidence on grouping pupils by attainment. […]

Author: Danielle Mason, Head of Research, EEF
Posted on: 7 September 2018
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Improving communication, language and literacy in the early years

15 June 2018

Eileen Allpress, Director of Ipswich Research School, introduces the EEF’s Preparing for Literacy guidance report and explains how this evidence is brought to life at Highfield Nursery School and Children’s Centre. […]

Author: Eileen Allpress, Director of Ipswich Research School
Posted on: 15 June 2018
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Has a solution to retention been found?

8 June 2018

Nikki Jones, Director of Shireland Research School, discusses the problem of retaining early career teachers in light of the EEF evaluation of RETAIN: a one-year professional development programme for early career teachers teaching in Key Stage 1. […]

Author: Nikki Jones, Director of Shireland Research School
Posted on: 8 June 2018
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What does Metacognition look like in the Classroom?

4 May 2018

Latest blog from James Siddle, Head of Withern St Margaret’s Primary School and Head of Kyra Research School […]

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Making sense of metacognition

27 April 2018

Alex Quigley, Director of Huntington Research School, explores how schools can use the latest guidance report from the EEF to understand not just metacognition and self-regulation, but how pupils best learn. […]

Author: Alex Quigley, Director of Huntington Research School
Posted on: 27 April 2018
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Is context king in school improvement?

24 April 2018

The EEF’s Families of Schools database provides a wealth of information to help schools learn from each other. In this blog post, James Richardson discusses how it can help schools understand and overcome their common challenges. […]

Author: James Richardson
Posted on: 24 April 2018
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