Research posters from cohort 1 of the Teacher-led Research (TLR) programme

11 October 2018

Participants on Kyra Research School’s first TLR cohort created research posters to disseminate their findings. At the celebration event held at the end of the programme they defended their research to an audience of TLR participants and Head Teachers.


The 2017-18 projects included:

Amy Alexander
Does reading high-level, challenging texts with a peer mentor close the gap between reading age and chronological age?

Anna Miller
The impact of feedback and marking strategies on pupil attainment in writing in year 5 and year 9 and teacher workload – a randomised controlled trial with three levels to the independent variable.

Charlotte Briggs
Targeted reading intervention: can it improve outcomes for readers in year 6?

Julia Greenfield
Interleaved varied retrieval practice, when learning the 6 and 12 times tables, improves retention compared to ‘typical practice’ – a randomised controlled trial with 3 levels to the independent variable.

Laura Bellamy
Spaced learning of physics equations improves retention amongst GCSE students.

Lisa Cassidy
Mnemonics embeds learning, providing a deeper grasp of language that can then be applied to independent writing.

Louis Frith
To what extent does recorded verbal feedback positively affect student progress?

Lyndsey Done
How does the use of book of books impact on the progress made by middle learners?

Phil Willott
A study to consider the impact nurture principles and groups can have on young people who have attachment difficulty and have suffered from trauma.

Rachel Taylor
Does mastery maths improve pupil progress and attainment?

Rachel White
The use of expanded retrieval practice improves the retention of spelling rules in KS2 pupils – a preliminary study.

Uta Rautenberg
Why teachers’ perceptions of literacy, numeracy and oracy matter.

Vanessa Hopkinson
How training in the use of the scaffolding framework changes the interactive behaviour in teaching assistants.

You can view their posters here: Amy Alexander Charlotte Briggs Lisa Cassidy Rachel Taylor Uta Rautenberg Vanessa Hopkinson Rachel White Phil Willott Lyndsey Done Louis Frith Laura Bellamy Julia Greenfield Anna Miller

Posted on 11 October 2018
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